Friday, 17 July 2015

Money circulation in the market is increased due to increased number of credit card holders in India. Particularly in chennai, I am seeing from 2005, so many people who is not employed also using credit card to meet their monthly expenses by rolling the fund using Credit card limits. why we provide cash against credit card in chennai the reason is that card holders having so many problems against the payment on the credit card. few people would have pledged jewels, few having due payments on credit card, few having monthly family expenses, marriage commitments, building houses, etc.,

My suggestion using credit card on cash is acceptable only to the limits. By doing so, their liability on financial management is increasing day by day. one have to maintain the CIBIL score as well. If they forgot or unable to make the payment on time. card holders will become "Defaulters" then they can not take any loans from any bank. Mainly people look for Housing loans or home loan, it will affect their credit history later in their life.